Mangopaid offers multiple model based shipping, it is up to you to decide where you want to set a shipping price for an order, a single product for different range distances.

You can create your own shipping model, distance or price based as a Custom one. If you have any shipping providers that offers API integration our team is here to help you integrate that into the platform. At the end of the order is up to your clients to decide what is best for them as a shipping method.


As a default service we offer Stripe Credit Card payments such as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro etc, PayPal and POD (Pay on delivery). Our experienced team can integrate you custom payment provider or any of the world known providers such as Mollie, Klarna, Datatrans etc.

Buying and Selling online is completely safe or default providers offers World Wide service and are proven to be secure.


With few easy steps as selecting the product, going to cart overview, you can get to checkout and after successful payment, or if your website allows POD after successfully placed order, both client and administrator will receive an email with order details.

As administrator you can decide to decline or approve the order, if you decide to decline than you have to refund and it is up to you to create privacy policy for your clients flexibility on canceling the order.

If you have an account you can track your order event after the entire process is completed otherwise you can order and track your order through email till the process ends.