01 Feb, 2021

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Mangopaid is an innovative tech company which focuses on eCommerce web & mobile apps.

We offer solution based on case studies and modular programmed features with efficiency, scalability and secure infrastructure.
The features and performance of your e-commerce website or shopping cart will be seamless and allow orders to be placed. It will fit seamlessly into your online catalog, customer service and payment processing. Yes, there exist already multiple services that offer such features but what you cant find is a product which can be adapted to your business model. We offer custom eCommerce solutions based on your requests with 24/7 IT teams support,

Our Solution

Since Covid-19 there has been a high demand from businesses for online presence. However, with already existing products it is very difficult to implement your custom business model. Making changes to such system can be very challenging besides time and resource consuming. We are in the market to represent our modular system, easy to integrate and with a large team of developers ready to implement every custom business needs you might have. We also help you grow your online presence and offer better services for your clients.

We are not competing with existing services such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Prestashop or Magento we are building what they cant. Stay safe stay online


Use of the latest upgradable technologies. Everyday improvements for a bug free product.


Now is the right time to move your business online. Stay safe stay online.


An excellent team of Developers, Designers, Content Writer & Project Managers ready to accomplish your needs.


The main target group for Mangopaid are small and mid size businesses that want to be present online or those who find it difficult to integrate their business model with existing platforms.


Our business model provides affordable price models for reliability while your business grows.


We do provide and easy, affordable and mobile ready solution for any kind of business, connected large number of third party services and user friendly for customers.